Saturday, August 7, 2010

Technology 8-7-10

Hello luvs,

I am planning on meeting with another new producer.. I am always needing producers..  I am the songwriter and singer, then I send the songs on to the producer who puts his magic on the song, and wala, it is Done.....

Songwriting is so much easier with all the new software and advancements in technology... Not that long ago we musicians recorded on tape.. yes tape I said... Things have gone a complete 180 degrees from how the music business used to be in every area from the recording side and production .. All the way to how songs are sold ... Used to people bought cds mostly( the last unit music was sold on)  ; of course now it is "let me download this song into my device "- whatever  that may be... In fact I have just now found out since April 13th when Sex Sells my cd went live, that you can now buy on hard disc cds... on - Crystal Camille ... Cool... This is a really fun journey.. There is so much to do everyday.. Even when I think I can take a day off, there is always something to do in the business... I  keep working because I love what I do - which really I don't work at all - I am playing with technology, which , I absolutely love.... !!!

I remember listening to Elvis Presley ( my first favorite singer/performer) on an 8 track tape, and of course on vinyl records... In fact I bought my first Madonna music on a vinyl record....
 What a trip.... I love the advancements in the technology that allows us to record our music... It is much easier than ever before.. Of course their is some software that is soo bloody difficult... That is the software the producer is a master at...

Have an awesome day ... Much love, Crystal Camille XOXO

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